From Lakers Showtime to Dodgers Showtime!

Who would have thought that a man who led the purple and gold to numerous championships and graced L.A. with his incredible hardwood play while having a smile as bright as the Cali sun, is now the new owner and savior of the Los Angeles Dodgers?! Magic Johnson (my favorite player of all-time!) along with baseball manager, Stan Kasten, agreed to buy the Dodgers for 2 billion dollars, which is easily now the highest mark for a sports franchise! Magic Johnson has always arguably been the greatest to ever play basketball and is also probably the greatest businessman, post athletic career. Now he will try his hand on reviving the Dodger reputation, who has had their recent struggles with bad management and recruiting. According to Magic, Kasten will be in charge of all the baseball stuff, but Magic is a winner and he will use that mentality to hopefully influence the players on how to win. Magic is a God in the City of Angels and it will only further be evident when the Dodgers take the field with a new mentality and new swag! The baseball world thought that the biggest addition in So Cal was the pick up of Albert Pujols by the Angels, but having Magic with the Dodgers is already being felt all over Cali, and the season hasn’t even begun. SHOWTIME IS BACK!!! #LetsGoDoyers!

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